January 31, 2016

Families of Cinco Ranch Pediatrics:

On March 31, 2016, Cinco Ranch Pediatrics will be closing its doors for the very last time. With this in mind, it is imperative that you seek out an alternative pediatrician as soon as possible so as to avoid any lapses in your child's medical care. In order to facilitate this transition, I have enclosed the answers to many of your most common questions and concerns.

I sincerely apologize for the unexpected nature of this announcement and any inconvenience that: it may engender.

I shall forever be humbled by your support.

Kirsten A. Lentsch, MD, FAAP
Founder and President, Cinco Ranch Pediatrics

Answers to Common Questions

Why are we closing?

Cinco Ranch Pediatrics will be closing due to an unforeseen medical emergency, the details of which will remain private. I appreciate your understanding during this difficult time.

Where is my physician going?

  • As the need to close was completely unexpected, the Employee physicians of CRP have not yet finalized new positions. As this information becomes available, it will be posted on our website (www.cincoranchpediatrics.com).

Appointments Prior to March 31

  • We will continue to accommodate all of our sick patients through noon on March 31. Well visits will be scheduled based upon appointment availability. Please plan ahead if your child needs a well visit or ADHD medication appointment. We are no longer able to accept new patients, including siblings of established patients.

Medication Refills, Referrals, Form Completion requests:

  • All requests must be submitted prior to March 24, 2016. As always, visits must be current in order for requests to be completed. No exceptions will be made.

How do I contact CRP after March 31 for NON-MEDICAL questions?

  • Office phones, faxes, and current office emails (including doctors' emails) will be inactivated effective March 31. Record requests and account-related questions ONLY may be submitted in writing to CRPMedicaIRecords@yahoo.com. No further medical care will be provided after we close for business.

Medical Record Transfers/Account questions

  • I strongly advise you to locate and register with a new physician as soon as possible as thousands of patients will also be transferring care.
  • We will be processing thousands of record requests, so please submit your requests promptly. All requests will be processed as soon as possible and within 21 days of receipt of a valid and complete request.

PRIOR TO MARCH 24, 2016:

  • One copy of each child's medical record will be provided for pick-up, free of charge. prior to March 31.
    Additional copies with be $25.
  • Please download the Record Release authorization for details on request procedure, timing, costs, etc.  We will continue to be available to see your child until 3/31, even after you pick up records.

AFTER MARCH 24, 2016

  • Policies for record receipt will be updated 3/24/2016