Cinco Ranch Pediatrics permanently closed on March 31, 2016.

How do I contact CRP after March 31 for NON-MEDICAL questions?

  • Office phones, faxes, and office emails have been inactivated. Record requests and account-related questions ONLY may be mailed to the PO Box listed on the record request form below.  No further medical care will be provided, including: referrals, refills, form completion, etc


  • DOWNLOAD the current request policies, fees, and form here: Medical Record Request.  All record requests MUST be accompanied by the required fee, including requests sent directly from your new physician.
  • DO NOT SEND REQUESTS VIA CERTIFIED MAIL: If you want to track your request, use Priority Mail. Requests sent via Certified mail will result in a processing delay.
  • Please be advised that all previous record request policies are null and void.  The current, in-force policy is stated on the above form. 
  • JULY 1, 2016: Starting July 1, 2016, record requests will only be processed twice a month. No exceptions will be made.